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About freight

Transport for NSW works closely with industry and local, state and federal government agencies to deliver efficient freight movement on rail, road, air, sea and pipeline.

The freight logistics industry accounts for approximately 13.8 per cent or $58 billion of NSW’s economy. With the forecast growth in population, housing and employment amidst network challenges such as congestion, availability of infrastructure and land-use planning, meeting the needs of NSW’s future freight task is critical.

Transport for NSW is focused on the following strategic functions:

  • Exploiting existing network utility.
  • Developing new strategic network infrastructure.
  • Encouraging optimal supply-chain operations.
  • Having effective supply-chain policy and regulations.
  • Reducing adverse effects on the natural environment.
  • Complementing strategies for urban-growth.
  • Reducing adverse effects on amenity and enjoyment.
  • Aligning the interests of government and the freight-customer (private sector).

NSW Freight Advisory Council

The NSW Freight Advisory Council provides expert advice to the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight and Transport for NSW on strategic issues impacting efficiency and productivity within the freight industry. The Council meets quarterly and its secretariat is provided by Transport for NSW.

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