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Operational Performance System


The Operational Performance System (OPS) is for use by registered stevedores and road carriers operating at Port Botany. It integrates stevedores’ processing data and truck tracking data to provide an independent and comprehensive record of the operations of the landside interface at Port Botany.

The OPS provides carriers and stevedores with:

  • An independent data source
  • Truck tracking
  • Information to assist with traffic and congestion management
  • Transparency and visibility for both carriers and stevedores
  • User capable reporting (Penalty Trend, Truck Trip Arrival Performance, Truck Spread).

The OPS supports the implementation of the mandatory standards under Part 3 of the Ports and Maritime Administration Regulation 2012.

Operational Performance System login

Log in to the OPS using your unique username and password.

You can register as a carrier and also apply for truck (RFID) tags through the OPS.

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