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Intermodal terminals


An intermodal terminal is an area of land used to transfer freight between at least two modes of transport. It is typically used to describe the transfer of international shipping containers form road to rail and vice versa.

We support the development of sustainable intermodal facilities in both regional and metropolitan areas by protecting land and freight corridors and identifying supporting road and rail infrastructure for planned projects.

Metropolitan intermodal terminals are critical for managing the growing import container trade and the interstate freight task, but current capacity in Sydney is inadequate to meet future demand. We are supporting developments such as the Moorebank Intermodal which will commence operations in late 2017 and complement intermodal capacity that has been added at Chullora (2015) and Enfield (2016).

In regional areas, intermodal terminals are vital for supporting the growing container export task, but many existing sites are not considered to be sustainable in the long term. A Regional Intermodal Task Force was launched in late 2015 to investigate the effectiveness of the existing terminal network. 

We commissioned studies to investigate demand for transporting containerised cargo in regional NSW. See our reports on the Riverina, South West Slopes and Plains (2014), Central Western NSW (2015) and Northern NSW (2015).

Find operational, non-operational and proposed intermodal terminals on the interactive NSW freight network map or see a list of intermodal terminals.

Find out about actions to foster intermodal terminal development under the NSW Freight and Ports Strategy