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Rail freight noise


The NSW rail network plays a vital role in moving everyday goods consumed by households and businesses but noise from freight trains is a major concern for people living close to rail lines.

We are working in partnership with Government, the rail industry and the community to deliver a comprehensive approach to managing rail noise.

Strategic Noise Action Plan

The Strategic Noise Action Plan was developed in 2012 to address and manage freight rail noise. The plan is a key task in the NSW Freight and Ports Strategy and has three objectives:

  • Reducing noise at its source
  • Minimising the impact of freight rail noise on affected residents and other sensitive land uses
  • Minimising the impact of increases in rail noise through the implementation of development controls for land adjacent to new and existing rail corridors and facilities.

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Freight Noise Attenuation Program

The Freight Noise Attenuation Program offers noise reduction treatments to homes affected by high levels of freight rail noise along NSW Government managed rail corridors between Nowra and Newcastle, and west to Lithgow. 

Find out more about the Freight Noise Attenuation Program.

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Information from residents about noisy trains assists in identifying which trains and locations need further investigation. If you would like to discuss rail noise in your area, contact: