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Fixing Country Truck Washes program receives 38 applications: Review process now underway

A new funding initiative to build and upgrade wash-out facilities across New South Wales, in order to reduce effluent spills and improve road safety, has received 38 applications for a share of $10 million.

Fixing Country Truck Washes, designed to complement the Fixing Country Roads program in building an efficient freight transport network across regional NSW, targets key livestock routes or effluent 'hotspots' where wash-out facilities are inadequate to meet the demand of the livestock transport task – an essential industry to the State’s economy.

The NSW and Australian Governments have each contributed $5 million over the next two years to provide co-funding to eligible local councils to contribute to the cost of constructing or upgrading truck wash facilities. This will help to remove bottlenecks that constrain logistics businesses and protect NSW against the spread of disease.

A review of the applications is now underway following a ten-week submission period. This will comprise of a Technical Panel, made up of NSW Government agencies with interests in the program, followed by an Independent Assessment Panel with representatives from across the freight industry.

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