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What’s beneath your feet: Snapshot of air freight

Air transport is a small part of the NSW freight task compared to road, rail and sea in terms of freight volumes moved into and out of the state. When it comes to value, however, it’s a different story with $50 billion a year worth of goods being freighted by air. 

In 2015/16, NSW received $38 billion in imports by air and exported $12 billion worth of goods. The value of goods moved by air freight through Sydney Airport is almost the entire agricultural production of Australia. 

More than 460,000 tonnes of international freight passed through Sydney Airport in 2015/16. Fresh food, including meat, seafood, dairy products, and fruit and vegetables, make up more than half of our exports (by weight). Air freight also carries time sensitive goods including medical supplies and electronic equipment.

Air porn bird view

Approximately 90% of air freight is carried in the cargo holds of passenger flights with the remainder being carried in cargo planes.

Find out more about what moves in and out of NSW by air.

Air freight Infographic-ACC