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Fixing Country Truck Washes

Current status

Funding applications closed on Friday, 7 October 2016. The 26 successful applicants in the Fixing Country Truck Washes program have now been announced. 

Successful projects will be released in consultation/collaboration with local councils. 

You can register your interest for future funding rounds at:

The Benefit Cost Analysis Model and a word copy of the Application Form can be downloaded.


Truck washes play an important role in vehicle productivity and maintenance, as well as protecting NSW’s biosecurity.

Fixing Country Truck Washes contributes to the cost of constructing or upgrading truck wash facilities to help remove bottlenecks that constrain logistic businesses and protect NSW against the spread of weeds and disease.

The NSW Government and Australian Government are each contributing $5 million over the next two years (2016-2018) to provide co-funding to eligible councils.

Funding 2016-17

Fixing Country Truck Washes Program Overview

Media Release: Launch of Fixing Country Truck Washes 

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