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Sydney CBD freight


Transport for NSW is working to help businesses adapt to the transformation which is currently underway in Sydney’s CBD.

Freight and servicing plays a major part in keeping the city open for business and we are investigating new and more efficient ways for these activities to continue to support the CBD now and into the future.

Operators and their customers need to consider how the changes in access and transport in the CBD will affect them. Many businesses are already innovating and adapting successfully.

The changes that are occurring are mostly permanent. For example, George Street between Town Hall and Wynyard stations will become a pedestrianised zone that will require a new approach to servicing. The requirements for the street are also likely to be different to how they are now.

More information about how to navigate the changing CBD transport network is available on the Tomorrow’s Sydney website.

To find out about trials we are undertaking with businesses to help increase the efficiency of freight and servicing activities in the CBD or for more information, email us at