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Western Sydney fuel pipeline

Current status

Transport for NSW is undertaking preliminary work to identify route options for a fuel pipeline corridor to Western Sydney Airport and surrounds. We have commissioned research to determine the most effective and sustainable approach in delivering the pipeline, while minimising the impact of construction on the community and the environment.

Community consultation will be undertaken when more details are known.


The preservation of a fuel pipeline corridor to the planned Western Sydney Airport is listed as a high-priority project for near term delivery in the Australian Infrastructure Plan released in February 2016.

Western Sydney is at the heart of a surge in Sydney’s population and economic activity. This growth will drive an increase in road use by commercial and private vehicles, and will raise demand for transport fuel.

Western Sydney Airport is expected to commence operation by 2025. Once operations ramp up, the airport will require 43 B-double tanker aviation fuel deliveries per day, which would add to congestion on Sydney’s urban road network.

The reliance on fuel transportation by heavy vehicles could also generate congestion problems at the airport site, contribute to delay costs along key freight corridors, and increase safety risks for road users. A fuel pipeline system is being proposed to help address some of these issues.

While not required when operations at Western Sydney Airport commence, the identification and protection of a corridor will ensure that a route for the pipeline is available when required to connect the airport to the Port Botany fuel pipeline network and connected import terminals.